Monday, October 19, 2020

Somewhere in Italy

 Slowly building my French and Austrian armies for Napoleon’s campaigns in Italy.  I’m making slower progress than I hoped but decided to set out what was finished along with some terrain recently made and purchased.  The buildings are from Charlie Foxtrot Models.  These are great kits and the website instructions on how to finish them lead to good results.  The grass mat was purchased from Barrage Miniatures.  When I ordered the mat they contacted me immediately to get my instructions on the colors and finish.  Great service from Clara and team.  

The flags are from GMB.  They are actually for the Egyptian campaign but look nicer than anything I can download and print myself so I’m using them anyway.

The civilians are from Front Rank.  All other miniatures are 28mm figures from Eureka.  Here are the French.

..........and the Austrians.

More to come...........