Friday, December 18, 2020

Dolitz & Probstheyda, Leipzig - part 1

Something different, 18mm Napoleonics.  A scenario from the General de Brigade scenario book, volume 2.   This was featured in Wargames Illustrated, March 2001.  The scenario represents the fighting that took place in the southern sector on the third day of the Battle of Leipzig, October 18, 1813.  The French represent Augereau's IX Corp. Victor's II Corp, Oudinot's Guard Division and elements of Poniatowski's VIII Polish Corp.  The Allies, comprised of Austrian, Prussian and Russian divisions, are organized in two columns, the 1st Column under Hessen-Homberg and the 2nd Column under Barclay.  Here is the original map from the scenario booklet.    

This is a map I made to create the terrain, a similar area but showing the Pleisse River to the left of Dolitz and Lossnig.  Much fighting occurred around that river and I wanted it represented my scenario. 

Polish troops marching to take up positions in Dolitz. 

Dubreton’s division of Victor’s Corp advance to take defensive positions at Meusedorf Farm. 

Probstheyda, soon to be the scene of desperate fighting.

A view of Lossnig from across the Pleisse.  Dolitz in the background to the right.

Napoleon with entourage conferring with Marshall Victor.

The battle begins, two Austrian grenz battalions advance on Dolitz.

Bianchi’s Austrian’s begin advance on Dossen.

Silesian Uhlans attacking Semele’s division, supported by Austrian Uhlans.

Prussian fusiliers supported by landwehr advance on Muesdorf.

After the initial attack was repulsed, Austrian’s under Wimpfen attack Dolitz

Bordesoulle’s heavy cavalry division.  Saxon Cuirassiers and Garde du Corp in the lead followed by French Dragoons and Cuirassiers.

Russian Cuirassiers prepare to meet the threat.

Napoleon receives a report from Poniatowski near the tobacco mill.  

Augereau sends Lagarde’s division to reinforce Lossnig.

Austrian’s finally take Dolitz........

......and prepare to advance on Lossnig.
All figures are 18mm AB, some of the best miniatures in any scale.  Some units, all skirmishers and casualties we painted by me. Most of the rest were painted by Ron Redworth of Wargames Den in the UK.  Great painting and service.   More to come......

Monday, October 19, 2020

Somewhere in Italy

 Slowly building my French and Austrian armies for Napoleon’s campaigns in Italy.  I’m making slower progress than I hoped but decided to set out what was finished along with some terrain recently made and purchased.  The buildings are from Charlie Foxtrot Models.  These are great kits and the website instructions on how to finish them lead to good results.  The grass mat was purchased from Barrage Miniatures.  When I ordered the mat they contacted me immediately to get my instructions on the colors and finish.  Great service from Clara and team.  

The flags are from GMB.  They are actually for the Egyptian campaign but look nicer than anything I can download and print myself so I’m using them anyway.

The civilians are from Front Rank.  All other miniatures are 28mm figures from Eureka.  Here are the French.

..........and the Austrians.

More to come...........

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

New WFR units

Made some progress adding units to my 28mm Wars of the French Revolution armies.  This is my first time working with 28mm figures and while I’m enjoying painting figures with more detail, it is also more time consuming.  Again, I can’t say enough about how nice easy to paint these sculptures are, great stuf from Eureka Miniatures.  

French Dragoons

Austrian Hussars

French Artillery

French and Austrian Brigade Commanders